Christian Church of Arcahaie (Haiti)


My name is Mrs. Julienne Jean-Georges and I'm excited that you're interested in the ministry God has blessed me with. To begin with, it has been a great honor to have been entrusted by God in this great work since my calling, recently my husband joined the journey with me. The church was founded in 1994 and it is located in the city of Arcahaie Belfraicheure, Haiti. The building that we now have is divided so we can have a place to educate the young people who are so eager to learn. The purpose for this site is to inform and show everyone about a tremendous work that is being done in an area where the people are in the most need both spiritual and economically. We are currently too small and need to completely rebuild the church. One of the most inspiring features about working with these people is watching them grow, being so passionately involved, and being appreciative toward the one giving the support. So I encourage anyone who is watching to contribute in any way they can (through prayer, gifts, or financially) so that we can expand and provide all that is needed. I'm convinced that if we get together and combine our resources, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.